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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento Integration

The powerful features offered by Dynamics NAV and Magento can be integrated to allow the two systems to “talk to each other”. By interlinking them, they work together to produce increased business advantages.

In its standard configuration, Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not feature any eCommerce functionality, neither does Magento feature any ERP functionality. With our integratedERP-eCommerce solution, we are able to extend your NAV with everything you need to sell online and at the same time seamlessly integrates all data with one or more Magento store fronts.

Business Challenges

eCommerce is the most modernised way of selling products. Most of the established business owners chose Magento as the go-to eCommerce platform, because of their strong foundation and capabilities in fulfilling today’s requirements where consumers’ buying patterns are changing by the minute rapidly.

On the other hand to control back office operations like Purchase, Inventory Management, Accounting, etc. businesses use ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is where more then often, they miss out on the benefits of having an integrated solution. Imagine getting eCommerce data directly from your ERP system without any human interaction.

So as we identified Integration is required element, but doing that is a real challenge because eCommerce only consider Sales Process while ERP associates Sales Process with Inventory, Warehouse, Accounting and Purchase Cycle Management.

With our Integrated ERP-eCommerce Solution, you can safely and securely exchange data in real time concerning Customer details, Orders, Item details, Payment & Delivery information between Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Here are some more benefits of an integration.

#1: Order/Customer Integration – Increase Speed of Data Exchange

When a customer places order in Magento; the connector will check if the order is coming from a new customer or an existing customer. If the order is from new customer; connector will create a customer in Microsoft Dynamic NAV and later create the Order. When an existing customer creates an order, our integrated solution will track for the unique customer ID in Microsoft Dynamic NAV and will place the order against that existing customer ID.

#2: Item/Product Integration

Simple, Configurable, Bundle and Grouped type of products can be created in ERP system and uploaded to Magento along with the item images and special attributes Special price/discount can be set against particular item or item group for a specific period in MS Dynamic NAV, which will be reflected in Magento.

#3: Inventory Integration – Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Costly Errors

Avoid manual data handling errors and save time by syncing products & categories. Information are being fetched at regular intervals from NAV to Magento.

#4: Order/Order Status Integration

The Connector will update Web Order Status based on Sales Operation in back-end NAV system in real-time. If the delivery information updated in NAV system then the same information will be shown in Magento. The connector can sync the orders from Magento to NAV and send Order Status updates accordingly from NAV to Magento, achieving a Two-Way Sync to complete the order cycle.

#5: Free Up Time And Resources

The Connector supports any kind of Online Payment Methods like Payment Gateways, PayPal, Wirecard, etc complying to the PCI.